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Did you know there is a big difference between the benefits and effects of a cardio or strength workout and not only that but there is also a genetic, anatomical preference for each body in most cases!

This blog can change the way you view and tackle your workouts completely.  Please read and blow your mind


Lily is 29 years old, 1,82 CM tall and has a slender body that weighs 68 KG. Her shoulders and hips are genetically narrow (she got it from her momma) and she has slim, long muscles running down her arms and legs.

Just a couple of months ago Lily joined her local gym together with her best friend Rose.  Rose is exactly the opposite of Lily in any way. This is probably why they complement each other so much. Rose is the same age as Lily but just a tat shorter. Rose is 156 CM in length and has a healthy weight of 59 KG. Even though her BMI (Body, Mass Index) is healthy now she quickly gains weight, especially around the belly and buttocks. Rose has a beautifully curved body witch annoys Lily since she has tried every workout to create more butt.

Lily and Rose are healthy young girls with both a healthy weight for their length so the personal trainer at the gym gives them exactly the same workout schedule.







Warm up, Cardiovascular

15 minutes

Lower body strength


Gluteus, Quadriceps, Hamstring

3 times 15

Upper body strength


Pectoralis major, Deltoids

3 times 15

Core strength


Rectus abdominous, internal/external obliques

3 times 1 minute



Cool down,

10 minutes

They both start fully motivated and repeating this schedule 3 times a week.
Very quickly Rose starts complaining about the cardio parts. She absolutely hates it. It is boring and hard for her to maintain the same pace as Lily. She is quickly out of breath and can’t wait to get to the fun part. The strength exercises!

Lily cannot believe this! She flies over the treadmill and hates the strength part. It is hard for her to do the squads because her long legs quickly turn awkwardly inward. She feels confident when she runs!

The personal trainer says “Well just do the exercises for a certain period of time and your body will adjust”. Well, guys, this is a myth!! 



What kind of training is cardio? Here are some examples:

  • running
  • walking
  • aerobics
  • steps
  • dancing
  • cross-trainer

Lily’s body type fits a standard runner or cardio profile. We know, we know, nobody is standard of course but to explain this theory Lily is a perfect example.
For Lily’s body type any cardio training is a really good match. Her slim muscles use up less energy during a cardio workout. This means that she can probably run for miles and miles before her muscles get tired. Off course she would still have to train to run the marathon but for her body type, the training will probably be much easier than for someone with a body type like Rose. Training for a bodybuilding contest though could be a real challenge for Lily. It is not easy for her to gain volume in her muscles because of there quite long. Like she said “training for a booty like Rose” was very hard for her.

Let us take the following statement and bust a myth.

“I wanted to lose weight so I started to run and do aerobics”

It sounds like a good idea but a cardio workout is mainly to train our cardiovascular system which is our heart. Our heart has more or less the same size as our fist. This means that you put a lot of time and effort into training a relatively small muscle in your body that uses must less energy compared to larger muscle groups. Off course the rest of the body to moves during running as well but the quicker the movement of the arms and legs the less energy the muscles used to perform the movement. This means that running or aerobics to lose weight are not the best choices.

Our cardiovascular system helps to provide our blood with oxygen, vitamins, and minerals. If you train your hearth by doing a good cardio session every week your heartbeat will slow down during resting periods. This reduces blood pressure and stress immensely. By training the hearth you reduce hearth and vascular diseases like high cholesterol for example. Cardio also creates thicker bones because of the bouncing. Someone who does a lot of cardio will there be less likely to break an arm than someone who doesn’t.
So to maintain a healthy body it is very important to do your cardio!!



What is strength training? Here are some examples. The key is to take it slow:

  • squads (4 counts down, 4 counts up)
  • planking
  • lifting weights
  • power shape classes
  • lunges
  • push ups

Now let’s talk about Rose.
Rose is the type of girl that can hold up weights way easier than Lily probably can because of her body type. Her muscles are shorter and contain more volume. There is more protection around her bones when she lifts a heavy kettlebell then for Lily. We talked about Lily’s legs turning inward while she was performing the exercises from her gym schedule. This is because her muscles do not have the strength to perform the movement. Her bones want to compensate and help out by turning in a different angle but this can be very dangerous and create injuries when not guided by a professional. For Rose, on the other hand, there is no cloud in the sky. It is easy to perform the strength workouts on her gym schedule. She easily tones and her muscles form and grow more quickly compared to her best friend. She loses weight very fast in combination with her healthy diet.

Remember the statement above.

“I wanted to lose weight so I started to run and do aerobics”.

Let us take a new one

“My doctor said my blood pressure is too high and that I should work out. So I bought some dumbbells and started to do bicep curls and crunches at home”.

Now you can probably guess that strength training is the quickest and best option if losing weight and toning is your goal. Let’s take a squad for example. To perform a squad you use the following muscle groups: Gluteus (whole butt area), Quadriceps (muscles covering the front of the thigh), Hamstring (muscles covering the back of the thigh).
The size of the muscles that you train during a squad is as big as both your upper legs, back, and front + the whole butt area and I didn’t even mention some smaller muscle groups in the back that also benefit from this single exercise. With our cardio workout, we only focussed the hearth that as big as your fist!

This means that losing weight and toning the way our body looks is done by a good strength workout instead of running of aerobics. We burn, use and train muscle groups that are so much bigger and that use much more energy than only our small heart.

For Rose running and cardio is much harder to do because of the size of her muscles. Her muscles get tired much easier and the benefits from this kind of workout are much harder for her body to get in the same way Lily does. The cardio keeps the inside off our body healthy and strong but the strength makes us lose weight, tone and creates stronger muscles that protect our bones and ligaments. The key to a strength workout is a slow movement and to cardio the quick movement.

So went a little more into detail with this blog but we feel anything that helps you to get to know your beautiful body even better is worth to share.

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