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Summer is over, unfortunately. The autumn winds are blowing in our direction and the leaves are changing color. While the summer is a season filled with vacation and relaxation the autumn brings new responsibilities in most cases. School is starting again, deadlines at work and many sessions at the gym to burn off all the beach night barbecues and drinks that hit our waistline. 

How can we hold on just a little longer to that summer state of mind? Wouldn’t that be nice?
That is why we give you this 10 minute  “Autumn De-stress” workout. With this workout, you can shake off the deadlines, emails and endless TO-DO lists of the day. This way you keep your head cool and your heart warm.


Stress is good for us! Yes, you reading this statement correctly.
Stress keeps us alert and we learn and grow as a human being from the stresses in our lives. But when it comes to stress (and basically anything) balance is the key. Too much off it can cause our system to break down or to less stress can make us lethargic and unproductive. Both can make us feel unsatisfied or even unhappy. 

This workout will help you to find the perfect balance. It can be used by itself or after your regular gym routine as a cooling down. For guidance through your regular gym sessions, we advise you to download Juicelous our Apple Watch gym tracker app, it counts down reps and rest time for you and it advises you on how to perform each exercise to improve effectiveness. Chose from any of our programs and experience a smart tracking,  24/7 personal coaching, and better recovery! Visit our website www.juicelous.com or  Click here for a free trial

During the relaxation workout, we focus on the movement of our spine and our breath. Most of us experience (lower) back pain due to a lack of movement during the day. When we are stressed most of the time we feel the muscles in our back and neck tightening. We will also focus on the breath during this exercise for many scientists have seen big correlations between stress and our breathing patterns. Therefore we invite you to slow down your pace just a little and join us for this special treat.


Now for the full relaxation experience, we invite you to take a long hot shower or bath, prepare yourself a steaming cup of your favorite tea, slip into your ugliest but oh so comfy joggers and enjoy your favorite music or Netflix series. Oh and don’t forget to switch off that phone to silenced ;).  Enjoy you’re “me” time, you deserved it.


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