We all love our apple watch, so comfortable that we often forget we are wearing it and smash it against the wall or the table. Does this feel relatable?

We’ve done a bit of research for you and found some cool ways to protect your beloved apple watch. Don’t forget to click the images for each link.


1. First things first, let start with the basics, something we’ve been using forever and ever on our phones: tempered glass screen protectors. This is one of the best ways to protect your screen without changing the design and aesthetic of your watch. Will prevent from superficial scratches keeping the screen as new as the first day!


2. If you are looking for a bigger screen protector that will cover all glass surface we found this alternative. Glass Curve elite from ZAGG has a black edge that will protect the curve of your screen. If you are worried about the back edge keep in mind that all Apple watches have a black screen. Either way, if you prefer to match it to your watch they also offer Glass Luxe where you can choose from any color.

The alternative for the Apple Watch Series 4:

3. The next step would be a clear case that would protect the whole Apple watch body. We also found that thanks to Amazon’s choice.

Apple Watch Series 2 & 3

Apple Watch Series 4:


4. Last but not least because it’s one of our favorites: the Defense Edge. The best way to explain this would be; it’s like a phone case for your watch. It combines a durable machined aluminum exterior and a soft rubber lining to protect the edges from scratches and impact. The design makes it very easy to snap on but won’t fall off. It’s also available in different colors to match your own apple watch. The bright side is you can always pair this with a screen protector.

The downside is that it might interfere with the microphone, so if you often take calls on your watch it may not the best fit for you. But don’t be afraid to try since it might work for you, either way, they provide one year warranty and 30 days free returns. Not available for Apple Watch series 4 yet.



This is the closest thing we could find at the moment for Apple Watch Series 4 :


We hope this gave you a clearer vision on how to protect your Apple Watch properly especially if you wear it during your gym sessions.

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See you soon!

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