Last year I got an Apple Watch for my birthday. Before then I never even used a watch.

From the first day I started using the watch every day and freaked out when it was running low on battery, I thought it was the excitement of it being new and that the obsession would probably de in two weeks. Oh boy, I was wrong.

It turns out it wasn’t, I use it every day, multiple times a day and when I don’t have it on or run out the battery I panic.

Some people think the Apple watch is useless and I’m not going to lie I thought that at some point, but when I started using it my life changed. And we want your life to change too.


It may seem stupid but it’s something I use every day. Have you ever misplaced your iPhone, lost it in your car, your oversized handbag or even checked twice if you have it when running out the door? Then this feature will have your hours!

Just by swiping up on your Apple Watch and pressing the “iPhone making a sound” button, your iPhone will play a sound if connected to your watch.

PLUS: You can check if you have your phone with you! Whenever your watch loses connection with your phone it shows a disable iPhone like the following image. This means your iPhone is too far from your watch, low battery or Bluetooth disconnected.

Perfect for when you are in your car and don’t know if your phone is on your car itself on you left in the house. You’ll see it just by flipping your wrist.


Are you the kind of person who needs daily motivation and reminders to workout or lives .  an active lifestyle? If you are we’d like to present to you something that is going to change your life.

If you know someone with an Apple Watch I’m sure you’ve heard them multiple times talking about closing their rings, well they are talking about the daily activity monitor.

  • Red Ring (Move): This shows your active calories burned so far during the day. When you are initially setting up your watch you can set your desired goal. The Apple Watch will suggest you a goal depending on your activity level.

PRO TIP: Set the goal to a number that is reachable when working out but not too high. This way it’ll force you to work out every day but with a 15-30 min session, it’ll do.

  • Green Ring (Exercise): This ring is completed when you workout for 30 minutes. It’s fairly easy to close every day. (You can modify this at any time)
  • Blue Ring (Stand): Stand up for at least one minute per hour for 12 hours and you’ll close the ring. If you work in an office it’ll be a bit more hard to close this ring but you can always stand up to grab some water and improve your water intake at the same time!


 .   .   .  

If you like to workout in the gym or you want to start working out but don’t know where to start Juicelous is the best workout app for you.

It’s an Apple Watch App that acts as your personal trainer, it guides you through gym workouts based on your goals and experience.

The algorithm understands how you move tracking your reps and rest time for you. You will also receive a personalized feedback at the end of each session to help you maximize effectiveness. Suggesting you increase or decrease the weight you are lifting or to perform the exercise faster or slower, all that after every set. 

Try it here:



Not everyone knows about this but you can answer a text only using your watch. You have the scribble option where you draw the letters since the Apple Watch recognizes regular handwriting or the speak option where you dictate and your watch writes it for you. Either option is useful for when a busy moment and an urgent next meet.

It feels good to just by looking at your watch you know if that’s an urgent text you need to reply to asap or something you can just reply later, all that without even touching your phone.


PRO TIP : If your watch features cellular (which means you can leave your phone behind and still make calls) you can text yourself in case of emergency and still be able to communicate; for example: your partner iPhone battery died and you need to split up and still be in touch, you can give them your phone and be able to communicate, you can text from the Apple Watch and they can read and reply from your phone.


Especially if you are extremely busy this is a feature that will be useful for you. Anytime you receive a call you’ll be able to see who is calling on your watch, decide to take it or not and also if take it from your watch or phone. You can also easily switch the call over from your watch to your iPhone. 



I’m sure I’m not the only one with zero sense of direction. If you use the Apple Maps on your iPhone GPS and when you block the phone step-by-step directions will automatically appear on your watch giving you direction on where to go.

What’s great about the Maps app is that it pulls all your addresses from your phone, including appointments in your calendar, invitations, and contacts. (Google Maps does not sync with your watch).


If you ever thought about getting an apple watch we sincerely doubt you’ll regret the purchase.

You’ll be motivated to live a more active lifestyle and more independent from your phone. You won’t need to reach it everytime someone calls giving you the confidence that you won’t miss an important call or text.

If you already own an apple watch let us know your top 5 features you use every day and feel free to check out the Juicelous app for a personal trainer on your wrist.

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