Fat Burner Circuit Workout

Remember last week post where we went thought the basics of fat loss?

Today we bring you a workout example that will help you burn that stubborn fat. The method used in this workout is functional training to your maximum effort.

For example the first exercise is Burpees, during those 45 sec do as many burpees as possible, keeping your performance explosive and energetic.

After those 45 seconds is time to rest, for the next 15 seconds try to rest completely to lower your heart rate as much as possible. And get ready because the next exercise is around the corner.

Redo this circuit as many times as you like but don’t go over 30 minutes doing this or effectiveness will decrease. if you are a beginner start with one round. When you feel this is too little exercise for you upgrade to two rounds, and so on.

Hope you enjoy this workout, don’t forget to let us know if you try it and ask for more!

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