Killer Functional Circuit for Lean Legs

Lean legs are a very common goal, we all want lean, toned legs this spring-summer. If you are one of those keep reading because in today’s blog post we share a killer functional circuit to tone your legs and burn that extra fat.  

As you might know well you can’t spot reduce fat, however you can train to build a little muscle and burn a bit of fat at the same time and be able to achieve those lean fit legs.

This functional workout is made for you to give everything in your body, perfect for those days where your energy is through the roof.

Complete the reps of the exercise and then rest for 10 seconds to move to the next one.

When performing the exercise execute every rep the fastest you can to your fullest potential. This workout is meant to be powerful, energetic, dynamic and active.

After you complete the circuit one time rest for 45 seconds to 1 minute and repeat as many times as you can! If you are a beginner start with one round, the more advanced you become the more rounds you’ll be able to do. one day you’ll be able to do 4 and feel like a complete ninja!

Feel free to try out this workout and leave us a comment down below with your honest thoughts!

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Click the image down below and start today!

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