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Not everyday we can spend one hour at the gym, but that doesn’t mean your workout can’t be as effective.

Working out on its own has multiple benefits for your physical health as well as your mental health. Don’t think you’ll only get the results you want by working out for hours, it all comes down on how do you use your time, for example, if you spend one hour at the gym but you are not lifting the right weight or performing the exercise at the right speed, you may not see results as soon as others who are.

Believe it or not, these are some things that can determine how fast you’ll start seeing results since these parameters affect directly on your workout effectiveness.

That being said, it’s very common to have a lifestyle where you have only 30 min to spare and want to get the most of your time at the gym, because it is hard enough to get there to just jump on the deadmill. That is the reason why we created a 30 min workout program, in honor to all those hustlers who only have 30 minutes a day to give it all at the gym and they still want to see amazing results.

And here is how we do it.

We could show you a pdf with all the exercises, but it wouldn’t be as effective. Remember what we mentioned before about lifting the right weight at the right speed? This is something only a personal trainer can determine, but not everyone can afford one, and it’s hard enough to go to the gym 30 min but imagine also the drama to sync your schedule to the PT’s every day… It’s stressful just to think about it.

And for that you need… time? When in a tight, busy schedule you want to get the most of your time, and what if I get an unexpected 30 free minutes before lunch? How is that going to work with meeting a PT you like? Well, there should exist a better alternative right?

It already exists, that is our thought process and the reason why we created Juicelous and the reason why you should use it.

It’s an Apple Watch Exclusive app, it uses the latest technology in sports data to determine how are you moving in the gym.

You’ll receive instant feedback after each set to know if you are performing the exercise at the right speed or if you are lifting the right amount of weight. If you follow the advice you’ll increase the effectiveness of your workout.

There are many different programs for many goals but one of the latest programs launched is the 30 minute program. It’s a 4 week program with 5 workouts per week and only one of them being cardio of your choice. With its medium intensity workouts you’ll be able to push yourself a bit every day.

After each workout session you’ll receive a total score of your workout and an effectiveness percentage of every exercise, this will also help you stay motivated thought the weeks!

Use the code BLOG30M to get 10 days for free and go directly to the 30-minute workouts plan!

Let us know through the comment section or on our Instagram page if you tried Juicelous and share your workout score!

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