Want to skip the gym today? No equipment fat burner workouts for any occasion.

We’ve all been there, “I want to workout but today I’m too lazy to go!” Well, don’t go today, but you can still workout!

Here we give you a couple of options for you to workout anywhere, whenever you want and still burn some fat or just maintain your lean physique.

When can you do these workouts?

When you are lazy to go to the gym, travelling with no access to a gym, when you rather spend time outside because the weather is amazing, when you want to work out with your friends but you don’t go to the same gym…

And if you love going to the gym and are into weight training; we have the perfect tool for you. Do you feel that sometimes the gym is pointless without a guide or personal trainer? What if we can combine both in your apple watch? Juicelous is the first app where you can access lots of workout guides and receive immediate personalized feedback at the price of Netflix.

Our algorithm understands your movement while performing the exercise and will asses you to improve your execution, letting you know if you need to lift more or less weight or perform the exercise faster or slower to be able to achieve your goals. 

Click the image down below and start today! 

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