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Spring Warrior Workout – Powerful Fat Burner

Spring is here and everyone is dieting, working out more…

We want to help as much as possible and if you have been following our weight training programs from our Smart Workouts by Juicelous App but we all have those days where we just want more, we want to leave the gym knowing we gave everything… We know you have felt like this and we have a workout for you to try.

Just in case you are not familiarized with our Workouts App; Juicelous is the first app where you can access lots of training guides and receive immediate personalized feedback from your performance.

Our algorithm understands your movement while performing the exercise and will asses you to improve your execution, letting you know if you need to lift more or less weight or perform the exercise faster or slower to be able to achieve your goals. So basically a dream come true, especially if you like to work out alone. Take advantage of the spring code for 10 days for free! Coupon: BLOG30M

This is the perfect workout to do if you hate traditional cardio and that’s what your program says you should do. Also if you workout from home, don’t like to use equipment, or you are on a vacation and have no access to a gym bur craving a workout, this will be helpful to get in a better shape.

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