Beginner at home upper body workout – No equipment – Sculpt your shoulders

The weather is getting nicer and nicer… that is when everyone wants to look better, work out more to be more toned and strong, but around these months we are also busier. We make more plans with friends and family and maybe go on vacation for a week or so.

That is why we want to help you workout wherever you want .

Today we bring you an upper body workout you can do whenever and wherever you go, no equipment or gym required!

This is a beginner friendly workout, but if you are in a more advanced level you can always repeat the circuit more times!

Just in case you are not familiarized with our Workouts App; Juicelous is the first app where you can access lots of training guides and receive immediate personalized feedback from your performance.

Our algorithm understands your movement while performing the exercise and will asses you to improve your execution, letting you know if you need to lift more or less weight or perform the exercise faster or slower to be able to achieve your goals. So basically a dream come true, especially if you like to work out alone. Take advantage of the spring code for 10 days for free! Coupon: BLOG30M

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